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The Design Process:

-It all starts with a good cut.

Firstly we ensure that our Sports Uniform patterns fit right. We are continually refining our patterns and actively seek feedback from our customers to find out any parts that they don't like. It is important to us that not only do they look great, but that they feel comfortable in all the right places.

Design your sports clothing with the look you want!

Then we can personalise this pattern by sublimating either your unique design or one of our standard designs onto your garment. Sublimation allows us to be as creative as you want us to be.


Or maybe you just want a simple sportswear design?

If you choose not to have a sublimated sportswear, but rather a plain colour, we can embroider your team name and logo on. Or alternatively, we can embroider your team name onto any Team Gear you want to complement your Sublimated Sports Uniform.

Why not get a total look across all your sports uniforms?

If you are a school or club that competes in several sports, why not let us design and manufacture all your sportswear to ensure a consistent look across all your teams. This includes all the training and travel uniforms to ensure that your club or school stands out from the competition.


So if you are looking for a great Sports Clothing that will really set you out from the competition, contact us to find out more.

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